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Bajitpur Travel Guide

Planning to visit Bajitpur Bangladesh? Our Bajitpur travel and vacation guide will help you find where to stay in Bajitpur. Browse our Bajitpur accommodation and travel recommendations, to find out where to eat in Bajitpur and where to sleep - from luxury hotels in Bajitpur, hostels in Bajitpur and other Bajitpur vacation rentals to low cost short term rentals in Bajitpur Bangladesh

Accommodation in Bajitpur


Few facts about Bajitpur Bangladesh

Bajitpur is situtated in Bangladesh and populates 34,560 inhabitants (as of 2011-12-07).
Bajitpur Bangladesh time zone is Asia/Dhaka. Bajitpur GPS cordinates are: 90.9500000,24.2166700.

For a full size map view, click the following link: Map of Bajitpur

Bajitpur is also known as: Bajitpur, Bajutpur, BńĀjitpur

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